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Nordiva Tours is a DMC

Based in Oslo, our company has been serving customers in this market for 20 years. Thanks to the rich experience we have gained over this time, we are able to offer high-level expertise in this region. While remaining loyal to our customers, we always strive to come up with innovative solutions and new products.

Our story began 20 years ago when several enthusiasts teamed up in order to provide new tourist products on the market. From that moment, our company has managed to develop from a tiny enterprise to a reputable tourist company and, in result, to a destination management company. The combination of the long-standing operations in the market and deep knowledge of this region is a guarantee that an event or activity you are planning in Scandinavia will go smoothly with us.

Regardless whether you are planning a team building tour or a highly important meeting, Scandinavian countries may always be on your top list of destinations. A perfect blend of impeccable service, fabulous nature, high quality of life, and advanced cultural norms works as a magnet for business customers and ordinary travelers alike. But in order to organize an event, you need qualified help of a DMC company, which will take on a part of the responsibilities.

DMC Nordiva Tours is always ready to come up with actionable, effective solutions for your event, pledging to deliver the top-notch level of service. Our contacts with a variety of suppliers, transportation companies, hotels, and other parties will make the organization quite easy. Ensure the high level of organization of your event with us!

Why Scandinavia

Fabulous Nature

Scandinavia is a paradise for every nature lover. Captivating, deep fjords, rocky mountains, noisy yet lovely waterfalls, and the unforgettable aurora borealis are a genuine treasure of this region. Regardless of event or activity you are planning, you will definitely find it more inspiring in such a fantastic atmosphere.

Top-Quality Service

Scandinavian countries are the place where you can expect any service to be at the highest level. This helps to guarantee that everything will go smooth, just as planned. This will surely impress your guests, colleagues, partners, or employees, as it will leave only good memories about the event.

Ample Opportunities for Sport Activities

Do you enjoy skiing? Freeriding? Kayaking? Or, perhaps, climbing? Scandinavian countries — and especially Norway — provide ample opportunities for any type of sport. Even if that doesn’t appear to be the main focus of your event, distracting your clients or colleagues with fun activities — or even a rush of adrenaline — may definitely be a great idea!

What We Offer

Events in Scandinavia

Are you planning to make a posh product launch? Or you wish to host a conference? Regardless whether you are planning a stylish exhibtion or an important business meeting, you definitely want this event to go as smoothly as possible. Coordinating and being responsible for all the suppliers or transportation companies is not easy, and that’s the time when you might need the help of DMC Nordiva Tours.

While our company will take on the organization part of the event, you will get an opportunity to focus on what really matters for you and your business. With our dedication and expertise, you can be sure of the flawlessness of organization of your event. We will help you organize even the most sophisticated and significant event for your company in a quick and convenient way.

Meetings in Scandinavia

What can be better for a productive business meeting than a relaxing and captivating atmosphere? Scandinavian countries are all about to offer you this, and such a comfortable environment will definitely help you reap solid results. Regardless whether it is going about mind-mapping teams, team building meetings, or important business meetings with your partners, Scandinavian nature and way of life will not solely offer you a place for a meeting, but will inspire you for new achievements.

DMC Nordiva Tours is ready to help you organize any type of meeting, from a small team building group up to significant business negotiations. Hosting such meetings in one of the Scandinavian countries — with their fabulous nature and peculiar lifestyle — will impress all your colleagues, business partners, and guests.

Activities in Scandinavia

Scandinavian countries — and especially Norway — are, indeed, a paradise for group activities. Regardless whether you want to organize yoga and Pilates sessions for a group or create group activities for your team, Scandinavia is a perfect region for that. Kayaking, climbing, trekking, skiing, snowmobiling, cycling, kayaking — this list can be countless…

And while this region offers such bountiful opportunities for active lifestyle, you want to organize such a tour with impeccable accuracy, so nothing goes wrong. DMC Nordiva Tours will come up with effective, innovative solutions for you, making such an activity as smooth as possible. Given that we have many years of experience of organizing such activities in Norway, we won’t let you down for sure!

Why Choose Us

Impeccable Local Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we are able to offer top-notch service to our clients. We have all necessary contacts with suppliers, transportation companies, hotels, and other enterprises that might be useful in organizing your event. Our innovative approaches combined with deep knowledge of the market are a guarantee of your event’s success.


Once we organized an event for you, we always stay in touch with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Even if you decided to make last-minute changes to your order, we will do our best to ensure that the event will be organized in a way you wish. We always stay in contact with you to ensure the lasting success of your event.


When ordering our services, you also get our commitment and dedication. You can be sure that we will realize your event as thoroughly and accurately as possible. We will do our best to organize the event in a way you wish up to the slightest detail, while making sure that none of the wishes has been overlooked.

Our Portfolio

Having served customers in this market for more than 20 years, our company is able to boast an impressive portfolio. The video that you can see right to the left side was created by one of our business customers, who turned to us with a wish for us to create a specifically tailored tour for their clients. In a result, we succeeded to satisfy each single detail of our client and delivered a top-notch tour. We designed this adventure completely on our own, from the first till the very last leg of the journey.

Our deep knowledge of the Scandinavian region, extensive and rich contacts, as well as near-constant availabilty allowed us to serve hundreds and hundreds of business customers. Testimonials from our clients that you can see here demonstrate that we are capable of providing impeccable destination management services for every kind of a company.

Our Clients

We have served many business clients over these years, and there are dozens and dozens tailored trips that we have added to our portfolio. Here we will list just a handful of our clients and the services we provided to them.

ASUS Ukraine

Services we provided:

  • Oslo excursions
  • Fishing
  • Accommodation
  • Culinary tours


 Kyiv, Ukraine

Design and Print Solutions, Newcastle

Services we provided:

  • Itinerary planning
  • Group incentive tour


 Newcastle, United Kingdom

What Our Customers Think

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    thumb Sally P

      Very supporting team, very energetic and passionate team .They know the travellers need and have so many options to offer them as per their need. I highly recommended every traveller... read more

    thumb Sagar S

      This is a fabulous tour around Oslo city center. We got confirmation pretty quickly and our guide Irina made walking tour so interesting and fun! There is a lot of... read more

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